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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

This massage is a light pampering massage that is geared towards overall relaxation.

Service offered: 55min for $75 or 85min for $95.

Therapeutic Massage

This is a combination of both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques applied with medium to deep pressure. This allows for a more customized massage.

Service offered: 55min for $85 or 85min for $105.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is for those who like a deeper pressure or may have more chronic issues that need to be addressed. This is not considered a relaxation massage but an active massage.

Service offered: 55min for $95 or 85min for $115.

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

Focusing on one area, this shorter session will allow our therapists to concentrate on your specific concern.

Service offered at 25min for $50.

Prenatal Massage

Tailored cushions and a soft, gentle touch combine to bring about relaxation for the Mother-To-Be! A special treat, will ease back pain as well as swollen hands and feet.

Service offered: 25min for $50 or 55min for $75.

Couple's Massage

You and that special someone, two therapists, one great experience! Complete your experience with your choice of a 55 minute or 85 minute massage, side by side.

Service Starting at $150.

Hot Stone Massage

An indulgent massage combined with heated basalt stones infused with aromatic oils. The warmth of the stones will radiate deep into your muscles for muscle-melting bliss!

Service offered: 55min for $90 or 85min for $110.

Siddha Body Detox

Healing herbs are steeped in water, dipped in warmed oil then drawn across the body. Toxins and impurities are drawn from the body, reducing stress, restoring balance, and soothing discomforts.

Service offered at 55min $85.

Spa Reflexology

A non-invasive alternative to massage, focused solely on hands and feet this treatment will relax and revitalize the body. Using the ancient art of acupressure and pressure points, you will leave revitalized and restored.

Service offered: 25min for $55 or 55min for $80.


Ashiatsu Massage

Turning the tables on those who love a good foot massage, ashiatsu asks the feet to return the favor. Meaning "foot" (ashi) "pressure" (atsu), ashiatsu recipients are simply calling this technique "heaven." Best results in relieving muscle tightness and promoting deep relaxation!


Service offered: 55 min for $115, 85 min for $125, or 115 min for $135.


These treatments are designed for relaxation purposes only. Results from treatments may vary.